Welcome to Advancotech
Advancotech is a Houston-based software engineering and consulting firm that applies a variety of technologies and strategies leveraging both local and international resources to deliver solutions that are flexible, predictable, reliable, and efficient. Advancotech provides extensive expertise in designing and delivering applications for the medical industry. We specialize in medical electronic prescribing software solutions and helping our partners enhance their existing (Electronic Medical Records / Electronic Health Records / Practice Management Systems – EMR/EHR/PMS) software applications by adding e-prescribing and many other clinical functions that support the prescribing process that lead to safer patient outcomes.
At Advancotech, we believe in the power of e-prescribing to help lower the overall cost of health care, while simultaneously increasing the quality of care patients receive. Through our solid partnership with NewCropRx, LLC, Advancotech has helped aggregate a variety of clinical data and functions, and works with hundreds of EMR/EHR/PMS software providers to integrate the clinical data and functions and deploy their enhanced products much faster and at significant lower costs than competitors who opt to aggregate and develop the data and functions from the ground up.

Advancotech, via a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) helps numerous types of cross-platform software vendors improve the services and functionality offered by their systems, allowing medical professionals to better track and securely share patient information, identify and eliminate potential dangerous drug interactions, and reduce communications with pharmacies so they can focus on providing better patient care and accurate diagnoses.
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