Frequently Asked Question

What is Surescripts?
Surescripts is an electronic prescribing network allowing doctors and pharmacies to handle their information over the internet.
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What does the "Meaningful Use" objectives mean for receiving reimbursement in 2011?
Eligible physicians, including those in solo or small practices, can receive up to $44,000 over five years under Medicare or $63,750 over six years under Medicaid for being meaningful users of certified EHR. Hospitals could receive up to four years of financial incentive payments under Medicare beginning in 2011, and up to six years of incentive payments under Medicaid beginning in October 2010.
What are drug-drug, drug-allergy, and drug-disease interactions?
Interactions checking provides a significant layer of patient safety and physician protection by alerting physicians at the time of prescribing of the dangers of prescribing medications that would have an adverse reaction with other medications the patient is currently taking, or allergies the patient currently has, or diseases/conditions that the patient suffers from.
What is drug formulary?
Drug formulary provides information to physicians in an ambulatory setting regarding whether prescription medications are covered or not covered based on the patient's Health Insurance Plan. If a medication is not covered, physicians can find an alternative drug in the same therapeutic class that is covered by the patient's specific health plan coverage, enabling physicians to prescribe the lowest cost drug for their patients. Studies have indicated the lower the cost of the prescription medication, the higher the probability the patient will have the Rx filled, and thus comply with their drug therapy treatment. The more often patients comply with the drug therapy treatment, the more often their diseases/conditions, and overall health will improve. This helps to prevent the progression of treatable diseases/conditions, decreasing the chances of patients requiring additional, and often more expensive specialized treatment, which leads to lower health care costs.
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